Military Advising

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As a member of the San Diego Chamber of Commerce’s Military Advisory Committee, Leland Sandler volunteered to advise officers from the Navy and Marine Corps who were making the transition to civilian life as veterans. He worked attentively with each officer, understanding their personal goals, what they really wanted from a career, and what they brought to the table in terms of experience, skills, and leadership qualities.

From there, Leland would focus on specific industries and positions that might best suit the particular officer. Some of the most common industries that stood out included education, technology, and the defense industry. A common career focus was to place these soon to be veterans into jobs where they could have immediate impact and act in a significant leadership position. These were highly skilled and highly competent individuals who thrive by being challenged and having accountability and authority.

After deciding on the right industry and career path, Leland would then discuss with the officers things like interview techniques, tough questions they might receive, gaps they would need to overcome, and how to highlight the great leadership characteristics and competencies they would bring to a company as veterans.

However, this was not always an easy process. During his time advising these military officers, Leland Sandler found that some of them were not yet mentally prepared to enter into the civilian economy. Some of the officers had experienced too much of the military culture and needed time to readapt. Once the officers were able to get past these initial issues and insecurities, most were able to find comfort in their new futures, understanding the wealth of capabilities they would bring into the workplace.

For Leland Sandler, having the opportunity to assist veterans, the men and women who have done so much for their country, was a great honor. He felt extremely gratified and fulfilled helping these individuals; individuals who wanted to be helped and who wanted to continue to learn and grow.